Rag Rugs Multi coloured 120x180cms


An Indian classic and a consistent best-seller, predominantly made from recycled cotton with some other mixed recycled fabrics. The GoodWeave label on this rug gives the best assurance that no child labour was used in the making of your rug.

These rugs are great value for money and will look fab in any room! 

Please note that the dye content of these rugs does vary and they should be treated as non colourfast.

Please take particular care when washing, cleaning or laying on lighter coloured surfaces as there may be colour transfer in certain circumstances.  Best not to lay on top of a more expensive floor covering or a Persian carpet and definitely do not wash with your favourite white top!

Photographs are representative and, due to the variety of material used and the hand made processes, colours and style can vary considerably from one rug to the next.