Yellow Sunrise was established in 2003. It's difficult to label us within a category, but our focus is on good design combined with quality Home Accessories and Gifts that makes a statement.  We hear Metaphysical Store, New Age Store, Crystals  shop, Chinese gift shop, Wicca store to name a few customer descriptions.

What makes us tick? The excitement of new ideas from around the world; the chance that around the corner there's something completely original. Something special to treat a friend, making your home either a contemporary look or spicing it up with a touch of Ethnic Chic. Whatever your style, you will always come across something surprising, often colourful and most certainly different.

We trust you'll enjoy shopping with us and all your comments & feedback are welcome.

Our trading policy

We endeavour to respect the environment and society. With this in mind, we acknowledge our business responsibility to revise and improve our environmental and ethical practices on a regular basis.

Currently, we:

  • Research our suppliers and will not knowingly purchase products from businesses that are involved in employing minors. We recognise ‘minors' as those persons for whom their state of residence provides a state-funded education scheme  this will inevitably vary from country to country.
  • Ensure as far as practically possible that all timber used in our wood products is sourced from sustainable, managed forests.
  • We recycle as much of our business waste as is practically possible. This includes cardboard & paper recycling and supporting our local Community Resource Service.
  • It is our policy to use recycled packing materials wherever possible.
  • Make complete and timely payments to our suppliers. We do not demand unfair credit or ignore the credit terms from our suppliers which may later cause them cash flow problems.
  • Aim to develop long term relationships with our suppliers. This consistency allows us to guarantee product quality and allows our suppliers the opportunity to develop their business based on guaranteed income
Thank you for visiting our online store and finding out more about us.