Karma Scents Wooden Incense Box with 10 Sticks


These lovely wooden incense boxes come with 10 sticks of Karma scents incense which are hand made in India.

These boxes are prepacked with 10 sticks of a single scent but any type of incense stick can be used.

Decorated in a beautiful, colourful Indian mandala design by Karma Scents.

Burner box can be used for storage of incense sticks or used for burning one or two incense sticks or cones Box has a hinged lid that can be closed whilst burning to allow the fragrance to filter out safely. Very relaxing to watch the smoke swirling through the box.

Dimensions approx:

Length 30cm x Height 6.5cm x Depth 5.5cm


1 x Wooden Incense Box

10 x Incense Sticks (Selected Scent)