Indoor water fountain - Golden Meditating Buddha

£34.98 £38.00

This captivating Tabletop Water Feature - Golden Meditating Buddha combines the tranquillity of flowing water with the serene presence of a meditating Buddha, creating a harmonious ambience in any space. 

The centrepiece of this beautiful water feature is the meditating Buddhastatue. With its calm and peaceful expression, it emanates a soothing energy that encourages relaxation and mindfulness. Its golden finish adds an elegant touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and bringing a sense of opulence to any environment. 

The sound of running water has a calming effect, relieving stress and promoting relaxation. Whether used for meditation, yoga practices, or simply to create a peaceful atmosphere, this water feature will enhance the overall well-being of anyone in its presence. 

Dimensions approx : 30x20 (cm)