Amethyst, a beautiful purple coloured quartz. Their attributes vary depending on where they are found. Mostly it is the tone and shade of purple that varies. They can be found mostly in Africa, South America and India, however it can be found in the USA and Russia. They are usually found in the form of six sided crystals, and each area has a different colour, which is due to the iron impurities within.


It is believed that amethyst has a calming nature, helping the wearer to control thoughts, emotions and also offers protection. It is said if you wear it close to your head, for example as a pair of earrings, it helps with headaches and to clear your thinking process.

These benefits and symbols were soon adopted by Christianity, who believed the gemstone to be the stone of Christ and symbolised purity of soul. For that reason it has been a stone that has always been present in the religion. It was worn in the breastplate of high priest Aaron (exodus 29). This lead to a continuous use in jewellery for priests and clergymen.


As you can see, the beautifully coloured amethyst has many spiritual benefits and comes from a long history of worship. So in order to keep those benefits within your gem, you need to look after it properly. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can fade the colour. Also, don’t allow it to get in contact with household cleaners and such chemicals. To clean your stone, just use a brush or a cloth with very mild soapy water.


Aksir Ali