Incense aroma's and burning techniques

Incense is used throughout the world to create a scent, aroma indoor or outdoor. Incense sticks can simply be burnt on a holder or in a pot of sand. The incense sticks give a slow burning scent where as the cones will burn a little quicker allowing the aroma to quickly spread around a room.
At Yellow Sunrise we have been selling fair trade incense and products for over 15 years. Our incense boxes are a great design for burning incense and storing incense sticks. The boxes allow for the scent to escape yet collect all the ash safely in the box. A lower compartment allow you to store your incense sticks. Our gift boxes come complete with incense and can be used with both cones and sticks. Available in a choice of scents Jasmine, patchouli, Rose, and Sandalwood.
You can top up from our huge range of incense from the Karma Incense Range, Nag Champa Incense Range, and ever popular Elements Incense Range. Our next blog will explain the mystical back flow incense and burners. As always please share your comments and views.